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On location vs in home maternity photography | Albuquerque maternity and newborn photographer

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

You are so excited for your family to grow and definitely want to document this very special time in your life with a photography session. You look at all the pretty maternity portraits online to find some inspiration and browse local photographers to contact about a possible session for your little family.

But before you go ahead and book someone to take your maternity photos you should know what type of session your photographer offers and whether that is what suits you the best.

Nowadays there are a plethora of different photographers offering different type of sessions and products. Anything from maternity boudoir to in home lifestyle session goes and you want to make sure that you do a bit of soul searching as to how you would like to remember those days of pregnancy.

When we were pregnant with our first we had posed on location maternity portraits taken. Now that it seems hard to remember what we did with all that time before we had kids I really wish we had done a lifestyle session that could have told a bit more of our story versus a session that just shows us what we looked like at that time.

Of course there is not a 'one size fits all' answer, so when we sit down for your maternity session consultation we will talk a bit about the different options you have.

An on location maternity photography session in the Albuquerque foothills

Maybe you spend a lot of time outdoors and would love to have your maternity portraits taken at one of your favorite hiking or picnic spots. Or you want to tell a bit about how your journey as a couple started and opt for a session where you first met. Or maybe you would just like a natural backdrop for your pictures. Whatever the scenario, these sessions can be really fun and create beautiful images you will be sure to cherish and excited to share with your kids one day. Plus, we are so fortunate to have 300+ days of sunshine that I have only had to cancel one on location session due to weather in the past five years.

A game of chess and wedding mugs during an in home lifestyle maternity session

On the other hand are the in home sessions. There are so many changes in your life once baby arrives, and oftentimes couples will move or redecorate, etc. so these sessions are a sweet reminder of what life looked like before baby arrived. Plus, there is no place quite as comfortable as your own bed or sofa for a photo session!

I was never sure that I even wanted to take maternity photos of myself (you know, sometimes your'e just not feeling it with those swollen ankles and extra pounds), but now I am truly grateful for the memories we have and I know our daughters will love to have to those images of the beginning of their lives one day. So no matter what type of session is right for you, I am so glad you will get to treasure this time in your life as well!

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